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Join our $299 Whitening For Life Club!

For a one time fee of $299, we will make custom teeth whitening trays for you! As long as you keep your regular scheduled 6 month cleaning and check up appointments, we will give you professional strength whitening solution at every 6 month visit for as long as you’d like!*

No Insurance – No Worries!

Patients without dental insurance will receive a 10% Discount!

The Marina Bay Dental Membership

The membership is a way for you to receive quality dental care at a reduced cost at Marina Bay Dental Associates without the hassle of dental insurance. The membership is only for services performed in our office. Because this is not an insurance product, the terms are very simple!

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*(You must be in acceptable dental health and keep your scheduled wellness visits.
Whitening solution will only be dispensed every 6 months)

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